Dittman Incentive Marketing brings employee motivation to social media

Dittman Incentive Marketing is rapidly expanding their online solutions for employee motivation. To achieve these goals, we launched an integrated social media campaign including updating corporate LinkedIn profile with keywords, a Facebook page, and targeted Twitter pages for HR (people promotion), sales incentive, corporate tweets, and Dittman’s enterprise-wide TotalPRO web-based solution.

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To launch the Social properties, Dittman email marketing targets two core audiences: VP Sales and Marketing for Q4 sales motivation, and HR audiences. Sales email direct recipients to review Dittman online solutions Great Escapes and Great Rewards. HR audiences receive emails that direct recipients to download a free whitepaper or request a demo of the TotalPRO Wellness Solution.

The Social Media campaign is underscored by a blog at http://dittmanincentives.wordpress.com.

Dittman Incentive Marketing captures current trends in the psychology of motivation with a whitepaper entitled, “Social Behaviors Drive Motivation 3.0”.


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