Matheny Therapy Solutions outreach for children with special needs

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Matheny Therapy Solutions wanted to extend district services to public and private schools with speech, physical, and occupational therapy, and rehabilitation technology. We arrived at the concept, “Think Therapy Solutions” with the intent that public school Directors of Special Services will think of Matheny first when they face challenges.

To meet the communications goals of this initiative, we wanted to reach not only the Director of Special Services, but new prospective employees, and parents of students. Core online properties were established with a blog, website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn professional activities.

Collateral pieces and PR activities elevate awareness with continuous components including brochure, direct mail postcards, personalized email, and sticky notes.

Critical to the word of mouth marketing, calling cards were created for distribution by therapists representing Matheny as part of their daily interactions with students and educators.

As well, sell sheets were created for in-person events to distribute as hand-outs to educators and prospective new employees for business continuity.


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