Brand: Vernoia, Enterline + Brewer CPA

Today’s accounting firms are definitely more savvy about design, brand, and word-of-mouth marketing. Perhaps because their creativity is relegated to strategic financial decision, the CPAs of Vernoia, Enterline + Brewer used the redesign of their logo and collateral to express themselves. They really didn’t look at re-branding as an expense, but rather as an opportunity to define their personal brand, culture, and expertise. Like most accounting firms, they were burdened with the lengthy corporate name – but unlike others, they were ready to transition to something short and easier to recall: VEB CPA. Now, I admit the heavy lifting was already done since their URL is, but I didn’t expect that they would be ready and willing to adopt a logo in keeping.

VEB CPA Collateral

The new logo is contemporary, casual and welcoming… tossing out stodgy and replacing with new expectations for lasting, open relationships. This open engagement is also apparent in the VEB CPA activities on Facebook and LinkedIn, where the principals strive to create a community for their small to mid-sized corporate clients and individuals for whom VEB CPA manages tax returns and estate planning.


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